Case: voorbeeld uit een Investors in People assessment rapport

Vorige week schreef ik hier een entry over Supporta Care: Groei mede te danken aan Investors in People Model. Vandaag heb ik ‘beslag weten te leggen’ op het assessment rapport dat bij Supporta Care recent is uitgevoerd: ‘Investors in People Review report (incorporating the Health and Wellbeing at Work Framework)’.

De laatste aanvulling laat ook zien dat een Review maatwerk is waarbij (dus) IiP’s New Choices kunnen worden meegenomen c.q. een extra punt van aandacht kunnen zijn. Hier is dat ‘Gezondheid en Welzijn’.

Wat bij de Review (nb; ook bij Nederlandse IiP-ers) aandacht krijgt, dat is:

  • Evaluation; (focus includes:)
      • Return on Investment
      • Positive Impact
      • Continuous Improvement
  • Planning;
      • Identifying Needs
      • Vision and Strategy
      • Planning Development
  • Supportive Management;
      • Management Capabilities
      • Leading by Example
      • Ownership and Responsibility
  • Work and Life Balance;
      • Workplace Requirements
      • Appropriate Balance
      • Improved Performance
  • Supportive Culture;
      • Fairness and Equality
      • Value and Recognition
      • Training and Development

Uit the Review: de ‘Executive Summary’

“Since the last review three years ago, Supporta Care has been through a period of considerable growth and change and continued growth is still very much part of the
strategic plan and vision. A number of staff have joined the organisation with tupe arrangements and this in itself has presented its own challenges.

Whatever the various challenges have been, the organisation remains very evidently committed to the effective management and development of all its staff. This is
particularly noticeable in the amount of learning and development that staff are undertaking and the encouragement to go beyond a level 2 in Care. Equally notable
is the commitment to ensuring all staff have a regular appraisal and for those in care roles there is regular support through supervision.

When talking to staff and managers it is very evident that the company prides itself on the quality of the care it provides and many of the carers who were interviewed were passionate about their job and their service users. The loyalty to the company and service users is very evident when talking to care staff and many have remained with the organisation for years.

Many of those care staff who have joined Supporta Care from other companies were complimentary about the organisation they now worked for, many stressing how much more training they now received. Equally noticeable, is the emphasis placed on developing and supporting new staff, whether they are in a care or support role. All those who had joined in the past year confirmed that they had received a comprehensive induction, which for those in care worker roles, was reinforced through shadow shifts and support from other care workers and co-ordinators.

Supporta Care is to be congratulated on its continuing commitment to the philosophy and practices of the Investors in People Standard and it was very evident
that strong, effective leadership from the senior management team is ensuring that staff are well supported and developed and do feel part of a caring organisation – that is, caring for staff and service users

Therefore, the following report sets out the findings from this review and provides feedback on the various key areas discussed with the organisation, including
providing feedback on key objective areas such as being an “employer of choice.”

In addition, Supporta Care has agreed to be part of the final pilot for the Health and Wellbeing at Work Framework, which will become a stand-alone award in
September this year. Feedback on this section within the report is therefore diagnostic and does not affect the outcome of the Investors in People review.

Therefore, as a result of the feedback from interviewees which took place with staff across a wide range of Supporta Care offices, the Assessor would like to
congratulate Supporta Care on its very strong continuing commitment to the Investors in People Standard and recommend that it continue to be recognised as an
Investor in People organisation.”

Mooi toch, zo’n voorbeeld. Ook ‘iets’ voor jou organisatie zo’n Review? Of eerst nog interesse in het volledige rapport van Supporta Care? Laat het me maar weten. E-mail

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