Involvement of Betrokkenheid, wat betekent dit voor Medewerkers?

Betrokkenheid, de betrokkenheid van je medewerkers (& managers!) bij je organisatie is essentieel voor succes. Mensen die ‘er zo maar wat bij hangen’ zullen je nimmer het resultaat geven dat je verlangt, zelfs niet het resultaat dat je als organisatie nodig hebt voor je continuïteit!!

Ergo: Betrokkenheid, Wat betekent dit voor Medewerkers?

How Does it Work, Involvement?

The supply of goods and services depends upon people. It is clear that the better the people, the better the business. Therefore, the most important investment any organisation makes is in the people who work for it.

  • Everyone in the organisation must:
  • Know, understand and have agreed what is required of their job
  • Know how to do the job and why they are important
  • Have the necessary materials, tools, training and information to do the job well
  • Be able to measure how well they are doing
  • Know what to do when things go wrong
  • Work within systems and guidelines designed to help, not hinder
  • Be led and guided by managers

It’s all very simple and straightforward. It’s extremely effective and results are beneficial all round.

Da’s duidelijk, toch? Maar dan: What’s in it for Me? kan een medewerker zich ‘zo maar’ afvragen.

Employees in organisations that have achieved the Investors in People Standard may see benefits such as:

  • A good working environment
  • Recognition and development
  • Pride in being part of a successful organisation
  • Good quality training when required
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Better communication
  • Skill and career development opportunities
  • Increased responsibility and involvement
  • Health and safety gains.

Wat er verder nog nodig is: The Vision, Planning for Success, Matching your Development to Business Needs, Reviewing your Development

Mooi, toch? Wat zou dan een ‘eenvoudige reden’ kunnen zijn om je ‘druk te maken’ over dat gebrek aan betrokkenheid?

“All organisations, whether involved in manufacturing, or supplying services, need to keep their customers happy. If they don’t, they will lose them to the competition and may have to deal with customer complaints.”

Zo is het maar net. Knipoogje


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